LAMMOMEL 24/24 is a whey based highly-soluble milk replacer which can be used for rearing as well as fattening lambs. It contains dairy ingredients as well as carefully selected vegetable protein sources to ensure a healthy weaning process. This product is enriched with immunoglobulins for an optimal gastro-intestinal health.


  • Elevated nutrient levels
  • Early intake of roughage and concentrate
  • Soluble at room temperature
  • Good taste – excellent milk intake
  • Suitable for ad lib automatic and stock feeding – stable for 24 h


  • Triple “A” rule: give high quality colostrum
    1) as soon as possible
    2) as much as possible
    3) as often as possible
  • After birth, the string has to be desinfected immediately.
  • To ensure an easy rearing, lamb milk replacer could be mixed with ewes’ milk in the first three days after colostrum intake.
  • Give concentrate from 2nd week onwards. Give in small amounts and no more than is consumed. Lambs can be weaned when they eat >0.250 kg of concentrate per day.
  • Regularly check the color and solidity of the lambs’ dung.
  • Ensure that the lambs have enough fresh hay and drinking water.
  • Our feeding schedule is a good guideline, but some lambs might need special attention. The amount of milk should be adjusted to the needs of the lambs (25-50 ml more or less).
  • Hygiene is crucial! Thoroughly clean all material that comes into contact with the milk

Please take 2/3 fresh, clean water of 45-50°C and mix: Lambs = 200 g/L (250g + 1L water)
Add 1/3 of water to obtain the optimal drinking tempe-rature of 39°C.

February 22, 2024

Quantity available

1 tons

Feed packaging

10 kg / bag

Production date

January 2024

Best before date

June 2025

Payment terms

According to agreement


Magdolna Lökösné Mudrony

Head of feed department
Fodder, concentrates, milk replacer, raw materials, salt lick

+36 30 235 03 04
Hungarian, English