SOLSEL EXTRA Lick block – 10kg

Premium quality ÖKO/Organic universal salt lick for small and large ruminants (goats, calves, horses, games)

Mineral lick blocks Extra covers ⅓ of the recommended daily intake of trace elements. Not suitable for sheep.

For an animal, high performance also means higher mineral  consumption. SOLSEL® Extra mineral lick blocks make feeding easier through their high acceptance, avoid  diet-related deficiency symptoms, and already cover a third  of the required daily amount of microelements like zinc, manganese, iron, iodine, copper and selenium.

SOLSEL® Extra mineral lick blocks are especially suitable for animals that are of high economic importance for their owners and that are vulnerable to deficiencies with regards to micronutrients either through high performance or surroundings that are low in minerals.

As an example, this can include:

• Young cattle in the growth stage, lactating cows, sports horses, grazing animals in certain regions,   for example, in the Alm pasture

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November 28, 2023

Quantity available

15 tons

Feed packaging

10 kg/block

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Payment terms

According to agreement


Magdolna Lökösné Mudrony

Head of feed department
Fodder, concentrates, milk replacer, raw materials, salt lick

+36 30 235 03 04
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