SOLSEL UNIVERSAL Lick block – 10kg

Premium quality ÖKO/Organic universal salt lick for small and large ruminants (ships, goats, calves, horses, games)

Along with salt (sodium chloride), every animal consumes a series of minerals and microelements like zinc, manganese, copper, iron, iodine, and selenium. Each of these elements takes on important roles within animal organisms.

SOLSEL® Universal mineral lick blocks without copper were developed especially for the feeding of sheep. The formula was composed without the element of copper in order to exclude any intolerances for this kind of animal. SOLSEL® Universal are also perfectly suitable for cattle, horses, goats, and game.

Mineral lick blocks without copper for the supply of essential trace elements.

SOLSEL® Universal mineral lick blocks are used as mineral feeds suitable for:

  • Cattle
  • Horses
  • Goat
  • Sheep
  • Game

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November 27, 2023

Quantity available

25 tons

Feed packaging

10 kg/block

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Payment terms

According to agreement


Magdolna Lökösné Mudrony

Head of feed department
Fodder, concentrates, milk replacer, raw materials, salt lick

+36 30 235 03 04
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